Consentacle: A Card Game of Human-Alien Intimacy

Created by Naomi Clark

Consentacle: A Card Game of Human-Alien Intimacy
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4,451 backers pledged $154,609.99 on Kickstarter

Consentacle is a game where you and a partner help a tentacled alien and a curious human have a mutually satisfying romantic encounter.

Raised in Kickstarter
$154,609.99 / 4,451 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$87,328.00 / 6,216 backers

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The first completed pre-production box of Consentacle!
30 days ago – Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 11:15:36 PM

Hi folks,

I've got to apologize again for taking seven weeks to update instead of four or five, as I'd intended. Time has been flying by: in December we completed all the art and rules, did a round of proofreading and edits, then sent everything off to get the very first copy of the finished game made. The winter holidays came, a New Year blew in... and then I finally got really sick from working long hours (not just on this project -- I'm also a teacher!)

A week ago, the first pre-production prototype arrived and we've been doing more proofreading and checking over everything since. Maybe you'd like to see some pictures?

The Consentacle box -- pre-production prototype
The Consentacle box -- pre-production prototype

 ...and here's the contents of the box, spread out on my floor:

Consentacle contents, pre-production prototype
Consentacle contents, pre-production prototype

 .What you're seeing here includes all the cards, the rules booklet, and the bottom of the box filled with all the tokens.

A few important things before I share more images:

  • These are the last days of ordering Consentacle! We'll be finishing proofreading, locking down manufacturing quantity and turning off the pre-order store some time between Wednesday evening and Friday, so if you have friends who were thinking of getting a copy, or if you want to adjust your order, let people know today or tomorrow!
  • If you need to change your address after that point, we can definitely do that until we get closer to shipping. You can edit your address yourself for the time being, by finding the confirmation e-mail you should have received from BackerKit (it should be titled something like "Survey Confirmation - Consentacle" or "Consentacle Order Confirmation") and clicking the long link near the bottom.
  • I'll post another update soon about the overall schedule. And I'll try not to get sick or swamped with work this time! We expect to find out next week or the week after what the remaining timeline for manufacturing or production looks like. I'm hopeful at this point that we're still on track to ship games out to all of you in May, but our manufacturing pals at Panda Games won't know for sure until they produce the next (mass-production) prototype. On top of that, their projected "slowest case scenario" has gotten a little longer since our Kickstarter... and did you know it'll be the Year of the Dog in a few weeks? Not much manufacturing gets done in China during Chinese New Year!
  • Print n Play version coming soon: That's my next order of business, and I'm hopeful that I can send it out to you all by the end of this month or early in February at latest. It'll include color PDFs of the rules booklet, sheets of tokens, a box template, and all the cards in two formats (fold-over and duplex).

Enough announcements, how about some more artwork? In case you're wondering about the art on the box, here's the full image, which is also the signed print that some backers will be receiving:


Finally, here's a tiny black & white cutout (inks, before James added the colors and lettering) from one page of the two-page comic that appears in the back of the rule booklet. The final version is in color, and the rest of the pages will be a digital download in May!

Kit getting a ride from a pal on her way to a fateful assignation...
Kit getting a ride from a pal on her way to a fateful assignation...

If you're curious about other parts of what you see in the box, let me know and I can try to photograph something you're interested in. Probably won't be able to post photos until next week, though!


New Consentacle card art is just about done!
3 months ago – Sat, Dec 02, 2017 at 09:48:27 PM

Hello backers!

It's been a little over five weeks since our last update, which is a week longer than I'd hoped, since I'd like to keep you informed of status around once a month. Phew! We've had our heads down getting our final production version ready, discussing details with our pre-press experts at Panda Game Manufacturing, and figuring out other logistics.

We're also at exactly a month since we sent out our surveys to collect everyone's address, which means final reminders are going out. If you didn't get a survey, please contact me right away by leaving a comment here or sending me a message! We've got to lock down shipping plans soon, which means that you have a limited time to give us your address.

Now for the exciting part: our illustrator James has been working overtime to get all the new card artwork done. We're in the middle of making a few tweaks to make sure everything fits the slightly different dimensions of the new cards (standard tarot size, easier to shuffle) but we're well on our way to finishing everything up.

I thought you might want to see some of the new card artwork at various stages:

The new "Kiss" card for the Human deck
The new "Kiss" card for the Human deck

Each of these cards goes through a multi-step process -- you can see the pencils, inks, and colored versions here, but even before that I'm working through the mechanics and written description of each card to hand over to James. That's basically how we did the original deck of cards, and it's how these new ones work as well. This next illustration is for a recently-added card that I've been testing, and it's also one of my favorite depictions of these characters. I'm thinking we might use this illustration in some form as the box cover art!

A brand new advanced card that doesn't even have a final name yet!
A brand new advanced card that doesn't even have a final name yet!

Finally, here's an example of a card going from an illustration to a laid-out card. In this case, it's a card that lets you search through your deck to find any card you want. (Some card duelists may know this as "tutoring.") Keep in mind we're still making some tweaks to the art and rules text -- if you have the right kinds of experience, you might be able to guess what the next two revisions are?

Flagging, a new advanced card
Flagging, a new advanced card

Stay tuned for more updates -- our next one should be before the end of the year when we'll let you know how the current pre-production process is wrapping up to head into printing and fabrication!


Surveys are coming... and so are Consentacle playmats!
4 months ago – Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 01:13:38 AM

Hey everyone,

We're just past the two-week period during which Kickstarter tries to collect all the funds, and I'm happy to report that part's all done. Next up: we're going to be gathering everyone's mailing address, and giving you the option to add on any extras you'd like, via a BackerKit survey. Keep an eye on your e-mail for that survey, it should show up some time near the beginning of next week!

In addition to confirming your mailing address, you'll also be able to change your pledge tier if you wish, order extra copies of the game or a limited-edition Consentacle print signed by James Harvey. (They all ran out pretty quickly near the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign, but we made some more available to be sent out later in the summer!) On top of that, we've confirmed some plans and pricing for a cloth & rubber playmat. You'll be able to add that to your Kickstarter pledge for $20 -- shipping included for folks in the US, but there's extra shipping charges for other regions (sorry about that! our ability to ship worldwide is much more limited for this add-on).

The playmat will be 14" deep by 24" wide (that's 35.5 cm x 61 cm) and will look a little bit like this:

This is an early mockup, using some art from an existing card (Touch). For the final version, we'll be doing new art and probably revising the layout. We'll also take off those words that say "WORK IN PROGRESS ART SUBJECT TO CHANGE!" I mean, unless you really want that on there for some reason.

Finally, there's news for everyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign, or had to cancel at the last minute for some reason, or who had a credit card snafu: you can still pre-order the game on BackerKit as we gather everyone's address! We'll keep taking orders until the end of November -- at that point we'll be locking everything down to finalize production numbers. So... if you happen to mention Consentacle and someone says "What!? I never even heard about that, did I miss my chance to get a copy?" point them at this address:

Thanks for all your support! 


Thank you everyone! (plus, more prints available)
5 months ago – Mon, Oct 09, 2017 at 11:10:28 PM

We have around eight hours left, but I'm going to say a big final THANK YOU for the end of the Kickstarter campaign right now -- since we've already succeeded fantastically and I also want to tell you one other thing...

If you were interested in the sold-out $58 reward level with a game + a signed print of Consentacle artwork, there are more available now!

We're taking a page from how other campaigns have done this and staggering delivery of the prints -- so if you pledged for a print already, they'll be sent out to you at the same time as the game (est. May 2018) but if you back at the new reward level I've just opened up, you'll get your print a month or two after the game. (Please ignore the "January 2018" label on the new reward level; it's a glitch that is refusing to go away. Nobody's getting anything Consentacle-related in January!)

We'll try to keep these updates more intermittent in the upcoming months, only if we have something neat to share -- I know more people who get vexed by overly frequent campaign updates than the reverse. But if you have comments or questions, please feel free to drop by the comments page. The next update for this campaign will come when we've got surveys+online-store set up on BackerKit for you to adjust your pledge level, for friends who missed this month to get a copy, etc.

Thanks again, it's been a wild month!


Consentacles stretch further... goal attained: the prequel comic!
5 months ago – Sun, Oct 08, 2017 at 09:57:01 PM

Hi everyone!

We're almost to the final 24 hours of this Kickstarter campaign! Thanks to all your support, it looks like we'll be able to proudly say that a quirky little two-player co-op card game about human-alien intimacy has over 4000 backers and 4 times what we needed to make a basic version of the game. 

Also I'm really excited to announce that Consentacle has reached its third stretch goal: a 12-page prequel comic that will be created by James Harvey (the artist for all the cards, in case you don't know!) -- with me assisting on plot outline, dialogue and details about the world of Consentacle where it's helpful. James is an accomplished comics artist -- you can check out his ongoing story "Midnight in the Phantom Zone" in the back of DC Comics' Bug: the Adventures of Forager, in comic shops now!

To strike a balance between "it's so nice to have lovely printed artwork" and "it's so nice to get a game delivered on time" we won't be delaying production of Consentacle to include the whole comic in the game box. Instead, the back of the manual will have the first two pages, followed by the full comic as a digital download, all available when your game arrives circa May 2018. This also means that James and I get to experiment with an unusual format: the game manual will be square! (See the campaign page for a picture of the box -- it fits in there!)

As we count down to the end of the campaign, tell your friends, playmates and colleagues that we're wrapping up this batch of orders! The campaign will close at 9 PM Eastern time on Monday night. However, I do have one other thing to announce: we'll be using BackerKit to handle pledges and rewards after the end of the campaign. I'm figuring out how to use it right now. This way, folks will be able to order a copy of Consentacle or adjust their reward levels for several weeks! 

We're also using BackerKit because I'm in the middle of planning and costing *drumroll* a rubber+cloth playmat for Consentacle that you'll be able to add onto your order for an extra cost. (I'm still determining the exact cost due to the fact that it would ship separately.) We got a huge response to our survey asking if you'd be interested in playmats, and you guys really wanted some kind of physical playmat! Based on level of interest from you all, along with quality, design considerations, and cost, we're going to go with this kind of mat. Stay tuned for more details!